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A Lecture By Dr. David Hui from University of New Orleans

Date:2011-03-14 Hits:6303




报告题目:How to write paper to enhance journal acceptance

报告人:David Hui     Prof. Univ of New Orleans

报告时间:2011年3月16日(周三) 上午9:30-11:30 

Dr. David Hui is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and director of Composites Materials Research Laboratory at University of New Orleans. He received his Ph.D. from University of Toronto in Aerospace Engineering.  Dr. Hui has edited over 35 widely cited books, as evidence in the Google Search showing over 14000 citations. Other books includes, editor of Army Research Office workshop "Dynamics of Structures" proceedings, ICCE/1-17, SES, ASME books and numerous special issues of journals, and served as numerous keynote lecturers. He has served as founder and editor-in-chief of one of the most prestigious journals in composite materials, Composites B Engineering journal. This journal has consistently ranked second or third among all composite materials journals in terms of impact factors. Curently, he serves on the editorial board of 28 international journals, seven of them are nano journals, and the rest are mostly composite materials journals. Dr. Hui is currently ASME Fellow, ICCE Life Member, AIAA Associate Fellow and CASI Associate Fellow. Dr. Hui was awarded The Ohio State University Research Award, ASME Pressure Vessels and Piping Certificate of recognition, ASME Ralph James Award (ASME Petroleum Division), NASA Certificates of Recognition, ASME ETCE Service Awards, the University of New Orleans Alumni (lifetime) Career Research Achievement Award and the University of New Orleans, University Research Professor. Dr. Hui is the chairman of ICCE, which has grown to be the world's pre-eminent annual "technical" composite materials or nano-materials conference.

 Dr. Hui has conducted funded research on composites materials and nano-materials, mostly for mechanical/aerospace engineering and ship structures applications. He is widely known for his research on (i) nano materials mechanical properties modeling and prototyping (ii) mechanical behavior of materials under high or low temperatures, flammability and creep of composite materials, including smart material and structures, (iii) impact of blast dynamics, micro-crack initiation and growth under thermal and mechanical loadings and (iv) infrastructure composites under harsh environments. Dr. Hui has co-authored approximately 300 technical publications, and received over 100 citations per year on his journal publications according to ISI. One of his outstanding contributions in research lies in the modeling of penetration of composite materials using the energy partition model and the validation of universal scaling laws, resulting in cost savings and durability of structures. He has made significant contributions on postbuckling behavior of imperfect thin walled structures.