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Lecture by Prof. Howard Hu from University of Pennsylvania

Date:2011-06-29 Hits:8260

TIME: 14:30pm, July. 1, 2011
PLACE: Room 327, No.12 Building, Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University

SUBJECT: Suspension of deformable elastic particles

REPORTER: Howard H. Hu, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, University of Pennsylvania


In a solid-liquid suspension, particle deformation can affect the macroscopic or bulk properties of the mixture. Previously, studies are more focused on suspensions of rigid particles. For suspensions of deformable particles, so far studies are still mainly in the dilute limit with homogeneous elastic deformation. I will discussion our work in the study of suspensions of deformable elastic particles in a Newtonian fluid. The particles are assumed to be neutrally buoyant and composed of neo-Hookean material with constant shear modulus. The deformation of the particle is governed by a non-dimensional number, G, which is defined as the ratio of the viscous force in the fluid and the elastic force in the solid.

The dynamics of a homogeneous soft elastic particle in an unbounded simple shear flow is explored under Stokes flow conditions using both numerical and analytical approaches. Three types of motion - steady-state, trembling and tumbling - are captured by changing the shear rate, the elastic shear modulus and the initial particle shape. The steady-state motion is found to be always stable; while the trembling-to- tumbling transition is closely related to the tank-treading motion of material element in the particle. The rheology of a dilute suspension of such soft particles may exhibit both steady and unsteady properties.