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Lecture “Surface Waves on a Solid Body with Depth-Dependent Properties” by Professor Jan D. Achenbach

Date:2011-09-11 Hits:6550

In the morning of September 8, 2011, Professor Jan D. Achenbach, delivered his second lecture entitled “Surface Waves on a Solid Body with Depth-Dependent Properties” to the institute of applied mechanics of Zhejiang university. The lecture was presided over by Prof. Hongsheng Zou, who is beneficiary of China’s ‘1000 talents plan’. The winner of ‘National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars’ Prof. Weiqiu Chen, Prof. Ji Wang from Ningbo University, the chair of Institute of Applied Mechanics Prof. Jiancheng Zhang from National Taiwan University, students and teachers from the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics also attended the lecture.

Professor Achenbach reviewed his recent achievements in the field of surface waves in a half space. His research is mainly focused on isotropic functionally gradient material, in which the elastic property is thickness dependent. Professor Achenbach investigated anti-plane surface waves and plan surface waves with improved WKB method, and achieved high-precision analytical solution of surface wave with high frequency. In particular, professor Achenbach introduced reciprocal theoreminto the analysis of anti-plane surface wave, and achieved analytical solution without complicated derivation. Professor Achenbach gave an inspiring lecture that painted a clear picture of the mathematical formulation, underlying physics, and practical applications of the investigation of surface waves. The lecture aroused great interest of the audience. Professor Achenbach joined the discussion and answered questions with great care and patience.
Professor Achenbach's success visit will further promote the cooperation between Zhejiang University and Northwestern University and expand the impact of Zhejiang University in international academic community, especially in the field of mechanics.