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Professor Jan D. Achenbach Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree at Zhejiang University

Date:2011-09-11 Hits:5356

On the afternoon September 7, the awarding ceremony was held at Zhejiang University to grant Professor Jan D. Achenbach from Northwestern University the honorary doctorate degree. President Yang Wei presented Prof. Achenbach the honorary doctorate certificate.
Prof. Achenbach was born in the Netherland in 1935. He graduated from Stanford University with a doctorate degree in aerospace engineering and is now Walter P. Murphy Professor and distinguished McCormick School Professor with Northwestern University and a member of the U.S. Academy of Engineering, Academy of Sciences and Arts and Sciences Academy. Prof. Achenbach has made an outstanding contribution to the research field of solid mechanics and nondestructive testing, and has won numerous awards and prizes such as National Medal of Technology Award, William Prager Medal of Society of Engineering Science, Theodore von Karman Medal etc.
President Yang Wei briefed the academic career and achievements of Prof. Achenbach, and mentioned that Prof. Achenbach was the instructor of his tutor of his PhD. Program at Brown University. Prof. Achenbach has published an array of influential academic works, many of which become high-quality instructive materials. Prof. Achenbach is the seventh celebrity receiving honorary doctorate certificate at Zhejiang University. He made an academic report entitled “Riding the Waves”.
(Source: ZDNews)