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Workshop of current research on soft matters in Zhejiang University

Date:2010-11-05 Hits:6723

On September 12th, 2010, researchers from faculties of engineering, sciences, medicine gathered together to share their research interests and results related to soft matters and discussed the potential collaborations among different disciplines at Yuquan campus of Zhejiang University. It’s the first time for this kind of interdisciplinary interaction on soft matters held in Zhejiang University.

The President of Zhejiang University, Prof. YANG Wei, who is a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended the workshop. Members of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Profs. TANG Xiao-Wei, ZHU Wei-Qiu, attended the workshop too. Prof. CHEN Wei-Qiu chaired the workshop.
Prof. YANG Wei gave a brief introduction of soft matter and the unique properties. He stressed the importance of the research on soft matters by an interdisciplinary team across mechanics, physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, and medicine.
10 researchers from mechanics, physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, medicine, and civil engineering reported their previous research on soft matters in the fields of drug delivery, neuroscience, proteomics, flexible electronics, soft active materials, etc., followed by intensive discussions and suggestions. This workshop demonstrated a strong research background on soft matters within Zhejiang University. It is suggested that a new interdisciplinary research center-Soft Matter Research Center (SMRC) should be established in Zhejiang University, which will promote the research activities on soft matters in Zhejiang University to step further. Prof. YANG Wei made the close remarks with the expectation on SMRC.