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2 Hamiltonian Theoretical Framework of nonlinear stochastic dynamics and control(Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2004)·W.Q.Zhu

2 H2 storage(863 project, 2006)·P. Xu

2 Mechanical properties of new materials(National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 2007)·W Q Chen

2 the key mechanics problems of the multiferroic materials subject to multiphysics coupling(State Key Program of National Natural Science of China , 2008)·W Yang 2 Dynamical Behavior for Pantograph-Catenary System of High-speed Train(National Science & Technology Pillar Program, 2009)·W.Q.Zhu 2 Multiscale Simulation of metals(2008 the State Key Program of National Natural Science of China)·ZL Huang 2 H2 storage and control(863 project, 2008)·P. Xu 2 Structural analysis of chilling system for high power supply(2008)·ZL Huang 2 Nonlinear stochastic optimal control for large and complex structures (Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2010)·W.Q.Zhu 2 Fundamentals of smart concretes(973 subproject, 2009)·W Q Chen


Project lists: Enabling Environment for Multidisciplinary Application Simulations (EEMAS)Topic manager: Yao ZhengProject name: Fundamental researches of the computer science applied in new fieldsFund name: China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists, 2002Project number: 60225009Period: from Jan. 2003 to Dec. 2006Project fund: 1 Million RMBTask name: Enabling Environment for Multidisciplinary Application Simulations (EEMAS)Introduction:Mesh generation is necessary in the computational simulations for the physical phenomena and process. However, it becomes bottleneck during simulations and limits the large scale calculations. Parallel computation is one of most effective solutions for this problem.A problem solving environment, named the Enabling Environment for Multidisciplinary Application Simulations (EEMAS) system, has been developed through the efforts of researchers in our group. The EEMAS system was proposed to take advantages of continuously developing computational methods and computing resources, and to promote their practical engineering applications. It provides a unified, flexible and efficiency environment for large-scale multidisciplinary application simulations, such as structure analysis, fluid dynamics analysis, and thermal-hydrodynamic analysis. There are four categories of modules inside the EEMAS system, i.e. the pre-processing module, the computing module, the post-processing module and the platform control module. The task parallel and data distributed computing schemes have been utilized in this system. Therefore, the EEMAS equips users with an integrated platform including mesh generation, numerical libraries, visual steering and large-scale visualization capabilities.    National Natural Science Foundation Project ID/Application numberProject nameTopic managerProject fundPeriod10772159/A020104Stochastic Dynamics for MDOF Nonlinear Systems to non-Gaussian Stochastic Excitations W.Q.Zhu35w2008-01~2010-1210772161/A020210 Resonance in multi-fieldB. H. Xu40w2008-01~2010-1210702062/A020206 Defects in nanocrystalline metals S. X. Qu23w2008-01~2010-1210702064/A020304 Jian-feng Zou21w2008-01~2010-12  Project IDProject nameTopic managerProject fund10832009the key mechanics problems of the multiferroic materials subject to multiphysics couplingW. Yang200w10802074Dynamics of DNA Thermal Denaturation and Prediction of its Transcription Start SitesM.L.Deng21w10872179Analysis of hybrid shellsH. M. Wang28w10872182Research and development of a hybrid mesh based viscous flow computational frameworkJian-jun Cheng40w10876036Study on characteristic detect technologies of complex flow numerical simulation resultsLi-jun Xie30w10802075Study on interactions between mobile objects and free surface using the IBMICM methodJian Deng21w



Project nameTopic managerProject fundPeriodNonlinear stochastic optimal control forlarge and complex structuresW.QZhu210w2010.1~2013.12Thin film fracture on flexible substrateW. M. Tao34w2010.1~2013.12Nonlinear stochastic dynamics and optimal active control for pantograph system in high-speed trainR.H. Huan22w2010.1~2012.12Numerical simulations and software development of two-fluid flow phenomena in the proton exchange membrane fuel cellHua Meng33w2010.1~2013.12Studies and applications of the LBM-IBM method applied in FSI problemsXing Shi212010.1~2013.12Studies on key technologies used in individual searchesKe Cheng302010.1~2013.12