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Education Program for PHD of Zhejiang University-Aerospace Information

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Education Program for PHD of Zhejiang University
School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Aerospace Information(code:081221)
(first level discipline:Computer Science)
1.      Program Goal
This program aims to train students to have high-quality and compound talents with all round development of moral, intellectual, and physical education. They would obey the laws and disciplines, and serve the country. They will firmly grasp the basic theoretical knowledge of aerospace computing, information, and communication expertise and strong research capacity. They will also master computer application technology, be capable of working on research independently, and teaching computer science and related subjects. With this program, students are expected to apply the theories of aerospace computing, information, and communication to solve real technical problems in the future.
2.      Duration3.5 years
3.      Main Research Direction
01 Aerospace Information Acquisition 02 Aerospace Information Safety  03 Aerospace Computing Engineering  04 Aerospace Intelligent Information Processing and Visualization 05 Modeling and Simulation of Vehicle Control System 06 Digital Image Processing and Guidance 07 Aerospace Information Fusion and Remote Sensing Information Processing 08 On-Board Computer and Real-Time Information Processing 09 Vehicle and Deep Space Exploration Information Technology 10 Virtual Reality 11 Space Information Processing 12 Integrated Development Environment for Embedded Software in Satellite and Missile 13 Rendezvous, Docking and Networking of Spacecraft
4.      Required Credit
The credits can’t be lesser than 14, of which 4 credits for degree general courses, 6 credits for degree specialized courses, 2 credits for optional courses, and 2 credits for book reports.
5.      Training Requirements:
1) Book ReportEach PHD student should write book reports or take seminar at least 6 times, of which 1~2 should be publicly reported on academic forum of the discipline or college. There are 2 credits for the 6 reports.
2) Opening ReportOpening Report is an important link in doctoral candidates′ theses. The PHD students should write the opening report by prescribed form. It should be approved open-door and centralized by the instructor(s) and other teachers together. The time of the report depends on the research progress of the students, but shouldn’t be later than the end of the second academic year.
3) Professional EnglishIt aimsto improve the foreign language level of PHD students, with most of the reference papers being foreign literatures. The PHD students are asked to write academic papers in English, and join academic symposiums by abroad experts of relevant disciplines.
4) Regulations for Paper PublishingPHDstudents can’t apply for their thesis defense, unless they have their papers published publicly. The paper publishing, thesis defense and academic degree awarding should follow relevant prescription of Graduate school of Zhejiang University.