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Education Program for Graduate Students of Zhejiang University-Engineering Mechanics

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Education Program for Graduate Students of Zhejiang University

School of Aeronautics and Astronautics   Engineering Mechanics(code: 080104    
(first level discipline:Mechanics)
一、    Program Goal
This program aims to train students to have high-quality and compound talents with all round development of moral, intellectual, and physical education. They would obey the laws and disciplines, and serve the country. They will firmly grasp the basic theoretical knowledge of mathematics and mechanics, systematic engineering mechanics expertise and strong research capacity. They will also master computer application technology, be capable of working on research independently, and teaching mechanics and related subjects. With this program, students are expected to apply mechanics theories to solve real technical problems in the future.
二、Duration:2.5 years
三、Main Research Direction
1、Application of damage and fracture mechanics;2、Nonlinear stochastic dynamics and control and their applications in physics, chemistry, biology and railway systems;3 Computation of complex structures;4、Random vibration and application;5、Structure Reliability
四、 Required Credit
The students should get 24 credits, of which at least 10 credits for degree specialized courses, 1 credit for public quality course, and 2 credits for book reports.
五、Training Requirements:
1)        Book ReportEach student should write book reports or take seminar at least 4 times, of which should be publicly reported on academic forum of the discipline or college once. There are 2 credits.
2)  Opening ReportGraduate students should write the opening report by prescribed form. The report includes the Arguments of Significance of choosing subject, main research contents and research program. After altered approved by the instructor(s), the students can start to write the paper. The opening report should be finished by the end of the first academic year.
3) Professional EnglishMost of the reference papers are foreign literatures. The students can write academic papers in English.
4) Regulations for Paper PublishingGraduate students are asked to publish at least one paper on periodical of class B or other publication of the same level.
Students are required to attend colloquiums organized by the Institute for more than 10 times.