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The School of Aeronautics and Astronautics (SAA) is now open for recruitment of teaching and scientific research staffs in various disciplines, and sincerely welcome elites, both at home and abroad, to join us. For position application, please provide your detailed resume, a statement of research vision, a list of research contributions in the last five years (scientific research projects managing or in as a main participant, published papers and monographs, scientific honors and part-time capacity, etc.) and information related to representative research results.

       Particular Disciplines and Research Fields Recruiting

1.         General Mechanics and Fundamental Mechanics

1)        Bifurcation and Chaos of Dynamic Systems

2)        Nonlinear Vibration and Control

3)        Stochastic Dynamics and Control

4)        Dynamics of Complex Networks and Neural Networks

5)        Dynamics of Multi-filed Coupling and Intelligent Structures

2.         Solid Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics

1)        Mechanics of Multi-filed Coupling

2)        Mechanics of Smart Materials and Structures

3)        Wave Mechanics and Its Application

4)        Mechanics of Soft Materials

5)        Structural Health Diagnosis and Control

6)        Biomechanics and Bionic Mechanics

7)        Computational Solid Mechanics

8)        Experimental Solid Mechanics

9)        Smart Structures and Control

10)     Structural Electronic Systems and Fine Control

3.         Fluid Mechanics

1)        Turbulence Theory and Application

2)        Multiphase Fluid Mechanics

3)        Fluid Machinery and Engineering

4)        Hydrodynamics

5)        Computational Fluid Mechanics

6)        Biofluid Mechanics

7)        Aerodynamics

8)        Bionic Fluid Mechanics

4.         Aircraft Design

1)        Aircraft General Design and Analysis

2)        Aircraft Aerodynamics Configuration Design

3)        Aircraft Structural Design and Analysis

4)        Aircraft Structural Thermal Protecting Technology

5)        Mechanical Behavior Design and Analysis of Composite Materials in Aircrafts

6)        Hypersonicaerodynamics

7)        Superaerodynamics

8)        Flight Dynamics and Control

5.         Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering

1)        New Concept Propulsion Systems Analysis

2)        Combustion and Propulsion Technology

3)        Integrated Simulation of the Inner Flow Field in Engines

6.         Navigation, Guidance and Control

1)        Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navigation and Control

2)        Aircraft View Navigation and Guidance

3)        Spacecraft Navigation and Control

4)        New-style Navigation and Integrated Navigation Technology

5)        Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems

7.         Aerospace Information Technology

1)        Aerospace Computational Engineering

2)        High Performance Computing and Distributed Processing

3)        Digital Image Processing and Guidance

4)        Spatial Information Fusion and Remote Sensing Information Processing

5)        Visualization and Virtual Reality

6)        Complex Systems: Modeling and Simulation

7)        Aircraft Measurement and Control Technology


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